Jeff Davis Panthers


Jefferson Davis High School - Houston, Texas


We received two lovely notes in the mail from two of the teachers. They are to the entire '64 class - so here goes..

Dear Class of '64,  Thank you for the invitation to the reunion of the Jeff Davis Class of '64.  My wife and I will not be able to attend , but we both appreciate being remembered.  My first 4 & 1/2 years of my 39 years of teaching were at Jeff Davis and my wife and I still treasure the memories of the students there.  It was a genuine privilege to be part of your lives and we hold each of you in the highest esteem. We are PROUD OF YOU!

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D Farquhar


Dear Graduates of the Class of 1964, Due to a prior commitment, I will not be able to attend your reunion on Saturday.  I would, however, like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the genuine kindness you extended to me and my colleagues at your gathering last year.  It was fun, humorous, and rewarding visiting with many of my ex-students. Returning the book to Mr. Hearn was priceless.

Teaching is a unique profession. Rarely is there an instant gratfication.  Most of the time teachers do not even know if they made a difference. Your many kind gestures of appreciation and words of thanks made all of us feel we had not only accomplished our goal of helping you learn our subject matter but giving you the skills necessary to be life-long learners so that you could reach your individual goals and become contributing members of our great country.

Your celebration gave me an opportunity to reflect and reaffirm my decision to enter the field of education. You are, after all, what it is all about.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to know you then, and I am so proud of how successful you are now. I think of this class often.  My "Blessed Are Those Who Teach God's Children" plaque is hanging in a small wall space between my pantry and microwave. I visit both of these places daily.

Thank you again for a lovely evening. Sincerely,

LaVelle Shelton  


We welcomed some beautiful faces we haven't seen in quite awhile: Sondra Peterson Helms, Elaine Strack Bramil, Bobbye Sue Frantis, Rosalima Vaughn,  Melvin Stayton, Jerry Young, Richard Fleming, Manuel Flores and Johnny Sanchez.  It was a GREAT pleasure to see each one of you.  We HOPE to see you more often. 





                                    Eileen Patton and Melvin Stayton


         Sharon, Johnny, Earl & Jan                        Mrs. Jones & Mrs, Lane



     Marian Riley Arens                             Preston Sanchez and wife

                           Beatrice Jacobs Rouse trying to reduce the # of chins! GREAT JOB, Bea.          


            Allen Schoppe                                      Richard Fleming

        Harry Brendgen                                Richard & Alice Craw

          Joe & Janie Beltran                                        John Sanchez, Jr.

                              Rosalima Vaughn and Jan Davis

    Martha Gough Ebel and James                Rickie Bivins '65

   Renee' Buller Wiggins and Hal             Coach Walter and Aleen Jones

  Bill and Betty Fussell's '49 Ford         George / Carolyn Stanley's '43 Jeep

Alice Cerda / Fred's '88 Mercedes           Sharon Divine's '63 Ford


                         Arnie Hinojosa and Preston Sanchez

  Mary Tobias and Alice Cerda             Alice's hus. Fred & Ronnie Wills 


                    Earl Epps                                            Sharon Divine


Table: Sondra Peterson, Renee Buller, Roger Helms, Bea Jacobs, the back of Bobbye Sue Frantis. Background: Margaret Stephens (Johnny's wife), George Stanley and Capman Baber.. (we think)


Jerry Young, Elaine Strack, Martha Gough, Fran Becton, Eileen Patton

               Diana Kotch                        Harry Brendgen & Renee' Buller


Bea Jacobs & Bobbye Sue Frantis           Arnie, Glenn & Peggy Wilkins


                      Sharon, Arnie, Earl and Rosalima Vaughn


Margaret & Johnny Stephens, Arnie, Eileen, Harry, Betty Leatherwood


             Sondra & Roger Helms, Bea, and Bobbye Sue Frantis


                          Jerry Young, Dianne and Richard Fleming


             The back of Frances Becton and husband George, Harry


                Jerry Young, Allen Schoppe & Dianne Fleming


   Frances Becton, Harry, Fred Perrenot (Alice Cerda's) Ronnie Wills


           Fred Perrenot (Alice's), Chapman Baber and Ronnie Wills 


Judy Graham's granddaughter, Aleen and Coach Jones, George and Carolyn Stanley and Manuel V. Flores.


          Joe Beltran , Coach Jones and Earline Lane in foreground.


     Arnie, Margaret Stephens (Johnny's). Bill Fussell '63 and George


            Preston Sanchez and wife and Janie Beltran (Joe's wife)


              George Stanley and Alice Cerda (Fred's wife)


             Richard and Alice Craw and Mary Tobias' ponytail


Maggie Tyerina, Ms. Sanchez, Mary's ponytail (again), Janie and Joe  Beltran.


                                  Peggy Wilkins and Eddie Allen


              Margaret and Johnny Stephens - a professional at work -                                       still making name tags




                         Beauvoir from the year most of us were born