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    ... and a good time was had by ALL

September 14, 2013 was a very memorable day for the Class of '64.  On this day we held our 49th Mini-Reunion.  The reunion committee "thanks" everyone who attended the event and wished that more of our classmates could have attended.   There were close to 90 classmates and supporters who were present and ALL thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  It was good to see new faces and it was good to see classmates who have participated in our annual events year after year.

A grand round of applause to the following JDHS staff members & students:

  • Mrs. Julissa Martinez Alcantar, newly appointed principal of Jeff Davis, opened the mini-reunion with a hearty welcome.   She gave an overview of the changes that are coming to Davis in the form of a total make-over.   She congratulated her staff and applauded her students for the outstanding work they have been doing.  Principal Alcantar stated that Davis had the lowest dropout rate of all Houston Independent School District high schools this past year and prides itself in many other areas.  Principal Alcantar had this to say about our reunion: "Without a doubt, this was a wonderful experience for me.  I cannot believe how cohesively the committee works.  Your classmates have to be proud of your work."
  • Mr. Brent Rumbo, assistant principal, was the primary contact for planning our annual event.  He went beyond the call of duty to provide us with all that we needed.  Among these were the special, lush purple carpet that lead us to the entrance of the Commons Area where registration was held; the panther that was placed near the stage; and the tours that were conducted by the ROTC students.  He also coordinated the presentation of colors by the ROTC and worked closely with the culinary department to make sure that our menu selections were going to be five stars.  Mr. Rumbo had this to say about our reunion:  “Arnie, y'all did a super job.  It was my pleasure working with you."
  • Chef Halee Porter and Chef Mary Betzen provided us with the finest of dining experience that included the school’s elegant china.  The beautiful china was used as charger plates and added a special touch of elegance to the table settings.  The tables were draped in purple linen with a glittery silver centerpiece.  During the planning, Chef Porter stated that the china is usually used only for meal functions when school dignitaries dine at Davis.  We must be special because we were allowed to use them; and of course, the meal was the best we have ever tasted.  Much has to be said about the culinary department and the students who worked so hard to make our meal the best they have ever made ... kudos to them!  Chef Porter had this to say about our reunion:  "This is one of the best events we have hosted.  Your group is awesome.  You're like clockwork."
  • Sgt. Angela Byrd and the ROTC students were as sharp as could be when they presented the colors.  It was perfection at its best.  The students who conducted the tours were informative and polite.  All gave us an insight to the current happenings at Davis and how the entire facility fits into their school day.
  • We appreciate Mr. Oscar Garza, retired JD Associate Principal and present Curator of the JD Archives and Memorabilia collection, for his time and effort in setting out a display of memorabilia from back in our days.  Those who participated in the tours were impressed with the archives section of the school, located in the second floor library.  There are many memories displayed in this area; among them is the photo of the first graduating class of Davis taken in 1927.  The Steve Lobue trophy case and the list of its recipients are located here.  Thanks to Mr. Garza, the school has acquired an incredible collection of memorabilia dating back to when the school first opened in 1927.  Even after his retirement from Jeff Davis in 2010, he has continued to manage and care for archiving all memorabilia donated to the school.  He is always looking for items to add to the collection and has published a flyer with information.  A copy of the flyer was made available to our classmates who attended the 49th.  If anyone is thinking of contributing to the archives, you should seriously consider it.  Mr. Garza is looking for a copy of the Class of 1964 class photo.  Call the high school at 713 226 4900 for more information.


A special thanks to our own Carl Fitzgerald who led us in prayer.  He is pastor of Grace Baptist Church on Aldine Mail Route and has been a pastor for 40 years.

The raffle and silent auction were coordinated by Bill and Betty Leatherwood Fussell, who as always, did a superb job.  And in an unexpected turn of events, Bill was asked to conduct a live auction of one piece of the Davis china that sold for $600.  Talk about excitement!!



When it was all over, the lucky owner was none other than Chapman and Monica Baber.  Congratulations to them.  A memory of our 49th and of Davis will always remain with them.  Our thanks to Erma Eberlan for making the suggestion of auctioning a plate and for recommending that the money be awarded to the culinary department.


 Special thanks to Mary Tobias Gonzalez for producing the slide presentation, overseeing registration, and coordinating the distribution of information that was handed out for the unveiling of the 50th Reunion.

Ralph Chavarria's collection of oldies but goodies played throughout the event while Ernest Trevino ‘65 was our roving photographer and captured the memories of our 49th.  DVD's are available for purchase from Ernest for $10.  You may contact him at

The celebration of Mexico's Independence Day, always on September 16 and celebrated on the weekend nearest to the 16th, does not go unsung without Mariachis.  Principal Alcantar surprised us with the Jeff Davis Mariachi Emsemble making its school term debut and performing for us.  The group is composed of about a dozen students; the majority of which are freshmen.  Their performance was spectacular, lively and inspiring.  These students have talent!

As always, we try to add a "special treat" for the unveiling of our 50th Reunion.  Erma added that special touch by custom-wrapping Hershey Krackel miniature bars in a 50th Reunion wrapper.  The logo was created by Mary Tobias.  What a great idea!

Our thanks to our teachers and guests:  Coach Jones and his lovely wife; Mr. Hearn; Mrs. Lane and her husband and son; and Mrs. Erma Eberlan who also serves on the reunion committee and keeps us in line.  Their presence and participation always make our events special.

Winners of the raffle and silent auction were announced by Bill Fussell.  To all the winners we congratulate you and hope that what you won brings you great satisfaction.   All the prizes were well worth the money spent.  We thank Betty and Bill for being the smart shoppers.

A BIG THANK YOU to ALL committee members for coming out early to help Betty and Bill set up the raffle and silent auction items, the registration table with name tags, and providing the invaluable support and manpower necessary to pull off an event such as this.

Last but not least, Arnie Hinojosa announced the location and dates of our 50th Reunion.   He informed everyone that the "50th Golden Celebration" will be held at the Marriott North (Beltway 8 and I-45) on June 20-23, 2014. He followed with a summary of the three-day event.  The basic information has been posted on the website and more information will be forthcoming on January 15, 2014 when registration officially opens.  There are surprises in store, so stay tuned.

Again, many thanks to everyone for making our 49th a memorable event.  Countless hours go into planning an event such as this.  In the end, it is all worth it.  And for our 50th celebration, we hope that you will be present to toast our 50th.  See you then.






          Your Class of 1964 Reunion Committee



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