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Davis "Buildout"
April 8, 2016

Dear Davis Alumni and Friends:

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, I attended a Davis community meeting that provided an update of the Davis build out and was facilitated by Principal Julissa Alcantar-Martinez.  Present were Trustee Anna Eastman, HISD administrators, and architects of the project.  Unfortunately, attendance was sparse.  Those who were there received a fairly comprehensive report of the project and ultimately what Davis will look like in the Fall of 2018, which is the projected completion date. 

As per HISD:  Under the bond preprogram that was passed in 2012 by voters, Davis will receive a complete renovation of the 1926 building to bring it up to modern learning standards while preserving the historic architecture.  Other features include two additions that will showcase the school’s culinary arts and performing arts programs and create an improved exterior aesthetic.

If you have not passed by Davis, the entire block that borders Fulton and Tackaberry has been cleared and will become the parking lot of the school.  As mentioned, there will be a new culinary and science wing on the west side and a new fine arts wing on the east side.  The existing back parking lot will become the bus and car loading and unloading.  Other features include:  upgraded locker room areas for athletics, technology upgrades, new mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, safety and security upgrades with new fencing, cameras and defined entrances, and a community access area for after-school events located in the new fine arts wing.

The build out will be in three stages and there will be no student displacements.  It is very possible that temporary buildings will be placed in the new parking lot area while construction takes place in areas of Davis that are being built or renovated.  As stated, the completion date is scheduled for Fall of 2018.  If you wish to read more about the build out, please go to the HISD website,

Click here for a preview of architectural designs for Jeff  Davis build-out that was presented by the IBI Group at the community meeting.

Arnie Hinojosa
Bea Jacobs Rouse

Jefferson Davis High School – “Timeless Forever”

December 11, 2015
Yesterday's HISD board meeting had a positive outcome and a victory for Davis.  The additional funds approved, stands to bring $19,.6 million more for the Davis building project.  This comes from the $212 million shortfall that has occurred in the last three years. (I am not supportive of how these funds will be recovered, but at this point in the game, I will not turn down any funds that will help Davis.  Other schools that are in the building bond proposal will also get a share of the money.  Only Bellaire will receive more than Davis.)
On Monday, December 14, 2015, the Project Advisory Team (PAT), will meet in the Davis library to continue with plans for the Davis build out.  The meeting begins at 3:45 pm.  The team is composed of key HISD administrators and contractors, community leaders, Davis administrators/staff and several members of the Davis Leadership Team which I am part of.  You are welcomed to attend.  I plan to be there.
Arnie Hinojosa
JD CL 1964
October 30, 2015
Greetings Davis Leadership Team Meeting,
Attached are notes from our meeting on Monday. This week has seen a number of things happen, so we have much more to discuss at our meeting on Monday November 2nd at 4:30pm at Leonel Castillo Community Center. We will need you help to work turnout for the November 12th school board meeting where we plan to deliver our petition to the board. I believe we are close to a thousand petition signatures!
One thing we would like your help with is creating talking point scripts for the following items that we wanted to bring to the school board on the 12th. If you have any time on this rainy weekend, we’d love your help creating a couple paragraphs on of the following points that we can have someone read on the 12th.
Points we want to make at school board meeting
We need help turning these numbered items into talking points/scripts for people to make on Nov. 12
  1. Explanation of petition and number of signatures gathered by students and community
  2. We want HISD to keep their promise to rebuild Davis
  3. Talk about the conditions at Davis and needs of the school
    • Rats (HISD has actually worked on this, so maybe don’t address?)
    • Not enough seating for students at lunch
    • Field House
    • Swimming Pool
    • Only one kitchen for Culinary Magnet Program
  4. Davis supported the bond because of promise of a new school
  5. How was the budget for Davis determined?
  6. Was Davis the only school that used the renovation formula of $ per square foot to calculate their budget for a school HISD said they would rebuild? (an article by Ericka Mellon indicated there was a different formula used)
  7. Support for an external audit.
Would anyone have time to make a flier advertising the importance of having Davis supporters at the Nov. 12th board meeting?
Thanks all!  I hope to see you on Monday,
Rob Block
Community Coordinator
Avenue CDC
GO Neighborhoods (A LISC Houston Project)
713-864-8099 ext 243